Chapter 4: Anxiety and Hearing Loss

The psychological problems that are or worsened by hearing loss.

I have been sharing with you my journey so far with Doug and his staff and my awesome new world of excellent hearing performance. I’d like to take some time to reflect on some of the psychological problems that are precipitated by, or worsened by, hearing loss even for people with unknowingly having inadequate hearing aids. I bring up this subject because some of you readers may relate to it and may be helped by reading about my personal experience.

Lee remembers…

My 9-year old grandson once seated right beside me on our sofa, asking me a question. I could not understand what he was saying and had to keep asking him to repeat it. I finally gave up, just shaking my head, because I never did comprehend what he had said.

“There wasa a social event at which I did not correctly hear what someone had said in a group setting. My response to what I thought I had heard was unrelated to the subject. I’ll never forget the blank stares from the group.”

The anxiety and frustration from my hearing loss eventually resulted in me avoiding many social events altogether. At family gatherings, I found that I distanced myself from the very people I love the most.

Hearing loss caused frustration, anxiety, isolation, and depression.

The events I just described happened when I wore hearing aids. All this occurred before I received my new state-of-the-art hearing technology from Prescott Hearing Center.  I didn’t believe it before but have since learned that technology is everything when it comes to being able to hear better.

Experiencing hearing loss sets the stage for anxiety-producing situations.

While many realize that hearing loss can cause anxiety and phobias, research into such emotional disorders related to hearing damage is much needed. Anxiousness is a real issue of concern for people who use hearing aids or other listening devices.

My wife, bless her heart, kept telling me she heard about new developments in technology that had made a huge difference in the life of the husband of a co-worker. I just never really believed there was technology available that could make a real difference in my hearing, let alone a hearing aid solution that could cause me to hear very well!

Not until Lee’s first visit to Prescott Hearing Center…

Now I experience excellent hearing performance. There is no need for you to live in anxiety, frustration, isolation, and even depression because of hearing loss.

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