Chapter 2: My Medical Hearing Evaluation

In chapter 1 of my journey with Prescott Hearing Center

Doug’s concern about the hearing in my left ear which took a sudden nosedive in 2008. Although the hearing loss in my left ear is probably irreversible, Doug believed it was vital to get to the bottom of what may have caused the sudden loss and find out if any medical treatment is necessary.

In the meantime, Doug provided a demonstration model for my right ear.

This has enabled me to hear better than I have heard in many years, including all those years I used hearing aids in both ears. Also, it is by far the most comfortable unit I have worn, as well as the smallest, lightest, and most visually discreet.

Per Doug’s recommendation, I promptly set up an appointment to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.  I learned that there are many things that can cause sudden hearing loss in one ear. They include exposure to loud noises, certain medications, blockage of the ear, illnesses especially when there is severe fever, and acoustic neuroma.

I was exposed to a lot of loud rock music and noise from a very loud lawn mower back in the 1970’s. We never thought of wearing hearing protection back then, and many baby-boomers are now paying the price.

But that would not explain the sudden drop of hearing in 2008. I did, however, experience an entire summer with a major illness and high fever back in 2008.

I showed the specialist my hearing test results

That detailed the sudden loss in my left ear in 2008. He then examined me with a series of tests; none of them were the least bit uncomfortable. At the end of his exam, he exclaimed, “I have some good news! While we cannot be certain what caused your sudden hearing loss, I can clear you for hearing aids, without any further medical treatment.”

I am relieved that Doug sent me for the evaluation, and I can’t wait to try out a solution that Doug says will help the hearing in my left ear. As I continue my journey with Doug and his staff, I will continually update you

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