At Prescott Hearing Center, it is our top priority to ensure the care, health and safety of our patients, staff, and businesspeople with whom we have personal contact with TeleCare remote services.

At a time when reducing the spread of the coronavirus is on many people’s minds, Prescott Hearing Center is still here to support you from the first appointment all the way through aftercare.

For everyone’s protection, we have changed some of our policies and enhanced some of our remote services.

TeleCare Virtual Appointments

Prescott Hearing Center is now excited to announce TeleCare Hearing Services (THS) to all of our patients.  Using video conferencing, we are able to:

  • Engage in virtual appointments without the need for you to leave your home
  • Adjust your hearing aids remotely if you use our Signia hearing aids. You can even get adjustments made to hearing aids remotely if you have a compatible smartphone.
  • Provide online video chat to discuss any of your questions
  • Provide numerous online resources including “how-to” videos

Distant Safe Technology and Support in an Unsafe World

During these challenging times, at Prescott Hearing Center, we take social distancing seriously. It is all about your protection and safety.

However, we also understand the importance of maintaining your hearing performance. We will continue addressing the needs of our patients, both present, and into the foreseeable future.  Being able to hear well is vital during this international crisis. Partial understanding or misunderstanding advice and directions from hearing loss may have serious consequences.

women-color-picture-Prescott-Hearing-Telecare-TeleChat- covid

Proven Real-Time and Safe Remote Services

TeleCare achieves higher customer satisfaction by incorporating flexible working options into their everyday lives. Remote tuning, CareChat (including text messaging, phone calls, or video calls), and virtual follow-ups open the door to more and better communication, as well as appointment options with our patients during the trial phase.

Convenient Precise Trial Data

TeleCare allows you to predict the trial success more precisely. How? TeleCare improves the trial visibility via realistic lessons and daily satisfaction ratings. Thus, you can provide us with immediate and real-time feedback in case you are not satisfied with the devices. This allows us to intervene promptly to help you.

Let’s Work Together

TeleCare is one of the many ways Prescott Hearing Center is helping to combat the spread of COVID-19. COVID-19 is a serious pandemic, but we will get through it. Let’s work together to protect each other, our communities, and our local businesses. Please support your local businesses whenever possible.

Are You Ready to Hear Better than Ever?

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