Bluetooth hearing aids have become more and more popular over the last several years.

Prescott Hearing Center would like to share how Bluetooth technology has offered more options and has improved the lives of our patients.

What is Bluetooth?

  • Bluetooth technology was invented in 1994.
  • Bluetooth is essentially a wireless radio.
  • Bluetooth allows two or more devices to transfer data wirelessly between one another in the form of radio waves.
  • Bluetooth is now adaptable to many electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers.

One of the great features of Bluetooth hearing aids

It is the ingenuity to connect to remote microphones, TV streaming box, and mobile phones. The many benefits include the ability to use a remote microphone in a noisy situation, allowing you to hear the person to whom you are conversing much clearer. Streaming audio from a mobile phone will help you to better hear the person on the other end. You won’t need another device: just your hearing aids!

picture of man tuning bluetooth hearing aid with cell phone

The benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids

  • Direct connection to TV streamers
  • Direct connection to remote microphones
  • Stereo audio streaming for phone calls, music, and media

If you use hearing aids, there are many ways Bluetooth technology can improve your life.

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