Chapter 1: Hearing Better than I’ve Heard in Many Years

Hi, my name is Lee

I am a new patient of Doug Dunker at Prescott Hearing Center. This blog will be my first, as I chronicle my journey with Prescott Hearing Center, a company I know I will be staying with because of their genuine concern for their patients and their advanced knowledge and expertise in audio technology.

On my first visit to Prescott Hearing Center

Doug and his team members Carolyn and Paula were all friendly, professional and interested in my future success in hearing performance. I was tested with the most advanced diagnostic equipment I have ever seen.

Let me say from the onset that I have been using hearing aids since May of 2008. As it stands presently, the hearing in my left ear is virtually gone. Doug is helping me to find the answer to why that may be. I was very impressed that Doug was concerned that I get my hearing damage re-evaluated by a medical specialist.

I will be seeing an ear, nose and throat specialist

The reason for Doug’s concern is that the hearing in my left ear took a sudden nosedive after the audio testing I had received before I got my first hearing aids in 2008. Although the hearing loss in my left ear is probably irreversible, Doug believes it is important to get to the bottom of what may have caused the sudden loss and find out if any medical treatment is necessary.

For now

Let me say that I am presently wearing a demonstration model Doug prescribed for me in my right ear. I presently hear better than I have heard in many years, including all those years I used hearing aids in both ears. I must also report that this is by far the most comfortable unit I have worn, as well as the smallest, the lightest, and the most visually discreet.

Contralateral Routing of Signals may be in my future

Assuming I will get clearance from the physician to just continue with hearing aids, I am especially interested in a CROS (Contralateral Routing of Signals) system Doug offers. This type of hearing system is used to treat patients who have no usable hearing in one ear and minimal hearing loss or normal hearing in the other ear. It takes sound from the ear with poorer hearing and transmits to the ear with better hearing. This provides the patient two-sided hearing even though actual bilateral hearing is not possible. I can’t wait to try out a demo of that one!


Contralateral Routing of Signals System

“I’m so happy to be hearing better than I have heard since long before I started wearing hearing aids. I consider this nothing short of a miracle.”

As I continue my journey with Doug and his staff

I will keep you informed of everything as it develops. For now, I’m so happy to be hearing better than I have heard since long before I started wearing hearing aids. I consider this nothing short of a miracle. If you are ready to start living in a world of incredible hearing performance, call Prescott Hearing Center today at 928-899-8104 or book an appointment here.

You can even take a complimentary on-line hearing test here

Prescott Hearing Center is located at 3108 Clearwater Drive, Suite B2, Prescott, AZ 86305.