Are you ready to start living in a world of great hearing performance?


At Prescott Hearing, we believe different people have different needs when it comes to hearing aids.


Technology Changes

It is important to be able to offer the best hearing aid advancements at any time to every person. Sometimes it is necessary to switch brands as needed.  Prescott Hearing emphasizes the importance that our company maintains autonomy in brand offerings, as individuals have different needs.

Every Individual’s Hearing Is Different

A single solution would not be appropriate as a blanket approach to treatment for everyone.  Some brands are very product specific and run as a franchise or independent distributor for a certain manufacturer.  The opportunity for these providers to deviate from their specific products is not an option, due to contractual obligations with the manufacturer.

“It would be as if In-n-Out burger wanted to sell tacos.  It’s just not going to happen.” ~ Doug Dunker, Prescott Hearing

Independent of Restrictive Access

Some hearing aid distributors or offices may also get financed from a specific manufacturer. Therefore, they may only be able to offer specific products because they have a purchase requirement to meet the goals of paying back their loan in a timely manner. The upshot is that if a different manufacturer (Brand X) was to come out with a new product that offers a significant improvement over another, many providers would not be able to offer that product because they are locked into their agreements. Prescott Hearing Center is unique as we would be able to provide that specific product for our patients since we are not locked into any of these outside agreements/contracts with any one manufacturer.

Prescott Hearing Center is autonomous:  We are not a franchise, so we are not limited in our selection of any one brand of hearing aids modern technology offers. The benefit to you is that you will be able to enjoy the best hearing performance for your unique conditions and needs. We offer products which are comparable to, yet less expensive than those offered by franchises.

Hearing Solutions Customized for You

Yes, different people have different needs when it comes to hearing aids. Being autonomous allows Prescott Hearing Center to provide essentially any product at any given time to all our patients.  This would be most beneficial to them for their unique circumstances.

Are you ready to start living in a world of great hearing performance?

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Prescott Hearing offers the most advanced hearing aid technology for every individual.

We can customize a hearing-health strategy that is best for you. Give us a call or contact us to schedule an appointment. Prescott Hearing Center is located at 3108 Clearwater Drive, Suite B2, Prescott, AZ 86305.