Can Headphones Cause Hearing Loss?

Can Headphones Cause Hearing Loss? Too long, too loud, or too frequently, the use of headphones or earbuds can kill the parts of the ear that are important for safe hearing. But we offer some alternatives to this popular technology

How Much do Hearing Aids Cost? 5 Important Tips

How Much will I have to Pay for a Set of Hearing Aids? If you are getting older, hearing loss is very common.  It can be confusing to understand the nature of hearing loss and the changes you are being required to make in your everyday life.  It is also difficult to...

Max, the Office Dog, Turns 13 Years Old

Our Canine Office Greeter, Max, Just had a Birthday Many of you who have visited the office of Prescott Hearing Center have had the joy of meeting Max, the office greeter.  Max is a long-haired, mini dachshund.  We have had Max since he was a puppy and went through...

What Do You Mean I Can’t Hear? You’re Just Mumbling!

One of the most common challenges for people is not being able to hear well or discern conversations well, such that it sounds like people are mumbling. Many people that come to our office are not sure if they have a hearing loss. They were often nudged by a spouse or...

“What Did You Say?” Signs of Hearing Loss

Many people in the Prescott area have hearing loss and are not aware of it. In fact, people tend to avoid addressing the problem of poor hearing performance until they are “nudged” by a spouse or other loved one, or a close friend. Signs of Hearing Loss If you are not...

Webinar – “Trouble with Treble”

Doug Dunker, with Prescott Hearing Center is pleased to announce, the “Trouble with Treble” Webinar on Aug 19, at 1pm with Dr. Ted Venema. Prescott Hearing is presenting a hearing health webinar, featuring special guest speaker Dr. Ted Venema, on August 19th, at 1pm. ...

Lee’s Journey Chapter 6 | A Miracle for Audiophile

I have been through several sets of hearing aids through the years, but it was not until using the new hearing system Doug Dunker set me up with, I have come to enjoy listening to music again. I am now able to hear the finer, distinct tones and effects in music that I have not been able to hear since my youth!

Strategies to Improve Sleep when You have Tinnitus

Do You Experience Sleeplessness Because of Tinnitus? When you live with tinnitus, the sound never stops, and the loss of sleep can be a significant problem.

Lee’s Journey Chapter 6 | The Right Hearing Aid and Life is so much Better!

Lee’s Journey Chapter 6: The right hearing aid system for my unique hearing loss circumstances and much-improved Quality of Life because of cutting edge technology and Prescott Hearing Center.

“Will Hearing Aids Help My Tinnitus?”

Tinnitus is a condition in which noise, such as buzzing, ringing, or whistling, is heard in the ear without an external stimulus. Tinnitus and hearing loss share an 80% overlap; therefore, a hearing evaluation is the best place to start.

Lee’s Journey Chapter 4 |  Prescott Hearing Center

Lee’s Journey Chapter 4 | Prescott Hearing Center

Lee’s hearing loss was causing frustration, anxiety, isolation, and depression before receiving new hearing aids from Prescott Hearing. I just never really believed there was technology available that could make a real difference in my hearing, let alone a hearing aid solution that could cause me to hear very well! Now I experience excellent hearing performance.