Doug Dunker, with Prescott Hearing Center is pleased to announce, the “Trouble with Treble” Webinar on Aug 19, at 1pm with Dr. Ted Venema.

Prescott Hearing is presenting a hearing health webinar, featuring special guest speaker Dr. Ted Venema, on August 19th, at 1pm.  Dr. Ted will discuss the components of the outer and inner ear, the causes of hearing loss, and possible solutions to restoring your hearing ability, thus increasing your quality of life.

Many people experience hearing loss and are not even aware of it. In fact, people tend to avoid addressing the problem of poor hearing performance until they are “nudged” by a spouse, other loved one, or a close friend.

Dr. Ted Venema studied and earned his BA in Philosophy in 1977 at Calvin College. In 1988, Dr. Ted continued his education to receive his MA in Audiology at Western Washington University. After serving for three years as a clinical Audiologist at The Canadian Hearing Society in Toronto, his studies at the University of Oklahoma were rewarded with a PhD in 1993.

You won’t want to miss this webinar, “Trouble with Treble”.  Join Doug and Dr. Ted on August 19th at 1pm. Reserve your space by signing up today at

If you have questions, please call Prescott Hearing Center at 928-899-8104.