Many people in the Prescott area have hearing loss and are not aware of it. In fact, people tend to avoid addressing the problem of poor hearing performance until they are “nudged” by a spouse or other loved one, or a close friend.

Signs of Hearing Loss

If you are not sure about your audio perception, there are some common signs of hearing loss and symptoms that will indicate that you should see a hearing specialist. If you are experiencing one or more of the following, you may have some hearing loss:

  • Requesting that people repeat what they just said or to speak more loudly
  • Speech and other sounds seem muffled
  • Needing to turn up the volume when watching TV or listening to the radio
  • Experience problems understanding phone conversations
  • Problems distinguishing consonants when people are speaking
  • Problems hearing high-pitched sounds (such as birds, doorbells, phone rings, etc.)
  • Difficulty hearing conversations in noisy places, like restaurants or meetings
  • Requesting others speak more slowly and clearly
  • Anxiety at social events or in group settings
  • Ringing, humming, or buzzing in the ears

Regular Hearing Check-Ups

Like routine wellness exams with your physician, hearing exam visits should also be recognized as being important to your overall health. If you are at the above average risk level for hearing impairment, regular hearing tests are especially important. High risk factors include:

  • Employment in a noisy environment, whether indoors, or outdoors
  • Engaging in noisy activities, such as playing loud music
  • Taking certain medicines, including some antibiotics, pain relievers, and other medications
  • A family history of problems with hearing performance

Now, The Good News…

Hearing aids are the most common and usually the most effective treatment for hearing impairment. Technology in hearing devices has come a long way! Today there are many discreet and tiny hearing aids available.  Hearing specialist Doug Dunker will work with you to apply the solution that is a unique fit for your hearing problem. Call Prescott Hearing Center today at 928-899-8104. View a wealth of illustrated information about hearing loss at Prescott Hearing Center is located at 3108 Clearwater Drive, Suite B2, Prescott, AZ 86305.

Important Webinar on Aug 19th at 1pm with Dr. Ted Venema: “Trouble with Treble”

Join Doug Dunker and Dr. Ted Venema on August 19th for an exciting tour of the human ear. Dr. Ted will discuss the components of the outer and inner ear, the causes of hearing loss, and solutions to restore a wonderful quality of life, your hearing. Sign up today for the special webinar at .