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We offer the highest quality hearing solutions at an affordable price.  With over 20 years of experience our hearing specialist can help you get the most from your hearing aids at a budget that is right for you.  Hearing is such an important part of your life. Don’t miss another sound. Start hearing better by contacting Prescott Hearing Center today.

About Prescott Hearing 

Prescott Hearing Center was established with the goal of providing quality and affordable hearing solutions to the community of Prescott, and the Quad-City area in Yavapai County, Arizona.  

Our motto of “Simply better, from the start,” really exemplifies what Prescott Hearing Center is all about.  Let’s be honest, a client will not come through our doors until they simply get tired of saying “what?” all the time.  Unfortunately, when that person is presented with a hearing solution that is not affordable or doesn’t work well, the frustration of saying “what?” may continue indefinitely.

However, when a hearing aid is fitted properly, from the start, it is possible for the patient to get more satisfaction from the devices without high initial costs, or a lot of costly follow-up visits.  Our gold standard of fitting hearing aids allows for a more precise fit and yields better sound quality, thus allowing higher immediate user satisfaction and less time in our office for follow-up adjustments of the hearing aids.

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“Took my mom in for a free hearing consultation. They scheduled to meet our needs, explained things in excellent detail, and just plain CARE about people. It is refreshing to deal with people who are more concerned with you than they are with money. Excellent company” 

– Carrie Guarda


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Hearing loss may be present without you even being aware of it.  This online hearing test will help you understand how a mild hearing loss may be affecting your listening ability.

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