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We offer the highest quality hearing solutions at an affordable price. With over 20 years of experience our hearing specialist can help you get the most from your hearing aids at a budget that is right for you. Hearing is such an important part of your life. Don’t miss another sound. Start hearing better by contacting Prescott Hearing Center today.

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Your Local Hearing Expert

Prescott Hearing Center was established with the goal of providing quality and affordable hearing solutions to the community of Prescott, and the Quad-City area in Yavapai County, Arizona.

Our motto of “Simply better, from the start,” really exemplifies what Prescott Hearing Center is all about.

Our gold standard of fitting hearing aids allows for a more precise fit and yields better sound quality, thus allowing higher immediate user satisfaction and less time in our office for follow-up adjustments of the hearing aids.

Hearing Test in Prescott, AZ

Hearing Tests

Hearing tests help determine which areas of the ear are causing your hearing impairment. Hearing tests offered at our locations may include audiological evaluation, tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing.

Hearing Aids in Prescott, AZ

Hearing Aids

We’ll determine what type of technology would benefit you and discuss your options. Hearing aids vary in shape, size, technology and cost. We make recommendations to fit your hearing needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

Hearing Protection in Prescott, AZ

Hearing Protection

Noise exposure (whether it be sudden, single event, or prolonged) can result in a permanent hearing loss. Take care to protect it. Custom earplugs are designed specifically to fit your ear, offering maximum protection against harmful noise.

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5 Reasons to Treat Hearing Loss


You’ll increase your self-confidence

What’s the best way to say you care? By listening. Improve your relationships and have less misunderstandings by treating your hearing loss.


You’ll improve your relationships with family and friends

Hearing loss has been linked to loss of cognitive ability and dementia. Thankfully, research shows that treating hearing loss with hearing aids can help restore mental acuity.


Enjoy higher income

Research shows that people who struggle with hearing loss tend to make less money.


Better overall health

Better hearing helps you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.


Higher quality of life

This requires no explanation. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Why Choose Us?

Choosing a hearing professional is an important decision for a hearing-impaired person. Since a hearing aid fitting has many components that are unique to the patient, proper hearing aid recommendation and adjustments are highly dependent on the judgment and skill of the professional selecting the instrument.

We offer the highest quality hearing solutions at an affordable price. With over 20 years of experience our hearing specialist can help you get the most from your hearing aids at a budget that is right for you.

Prescott Hearing Center uses some of the most advanced diagnostic and testing equipment in the industry. By using this equipment, we are able to transfer your hearing loss seamlessly into a fitting program to obtain the best prescribed settings for a hearing instrument to be set for the hearing aid user’s needs.

Using an autofit feature, the hearing aids are instantly and automatically calibrated to the precise needs of the user based on the shape and size of the user’s ear canal. Using these techniques at Prescott Hearing Center, your hearing aids are Simply better, from the start!

Happy Stories

I found out after my visit that I probably needed hearing aids most of my life, Doug was great he worked with me and I've got a set of hearing aids now that I can actually hear this TV without having it turned up to 15 or 16. Not only do they have a great staff very friendly but they have great deals on hearing aids they will work with your insurance great experience check them out.
Jack A.
Good experience and would recommend to my friends.
William R.
I purchased my first pair of hearing aids with Doug’s guidance 2 years ago. I was and still am completely satisfied with the quality & performance. It’s great to have someone local & readily available to answer any questions. I highly recommend!!!
Jacque G.